A Person, Not a Color

My model is a veteran of the US Marine Corps and she was one of the only women on the base where she served. She told us that as a woman Marine she had to prove that she was as capable as the male Marines. She told us a story about Marines running up a mountain and one by one the other women and many of the men dropped out but she kept running. Just before the top she dropped out too because it was so hard. Although she didn’t go all the way she was praised for running as long as she did. She felt pride in her accomplishment. I am also proud of my accomplishment, my painting.

My painting is showing a person who faces struggles like every human. In my point of view we are not white, black, Hispanic or other, we are just humans that live, suffer, struggle, laugh and cry sometimes. All of us do these sometimes, that just means that life makes us equal and it is as equals that we must treat each other.

Artist: Gaetan S. Charles

Model: Gwen Healey


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