Bringing our doors into the Dudley library – Summer 2015

First year of Opening Doors; A New Understanding

Teens and young adults in Boston paint full size portraits of police officers, firemen, EMTs and veterans using doors instead of canvasses. Painting a portrait of another person encourages the artist to project his or her own experiences on to the subject of the painting. While creating a character with paint, the artist’s imagination expands. Skill clashes with ambition and time constraints, so Living Art students gain a fresh perspective on life and work.



This program offers adults and children a opportunity to work on candy gingerbread- nhouses every year at Fields Corner Boston Public Library.

Meet the first responders

Living Art will let you meet the first responders around your neighborhood, fire fighters, police, and many others. They will share their stories to you and you can share yours too.

The Only Girl

My model is Boston Police officer, Seanad Coyne. She went to an all-girl’s high school and when she told her friends she was thinking about joining the Air Force they said she was insane to make that decision. However, after graduation she joined the Air Force and trained as a nurse.

Officer Coyne is the only woman in her family to join the Air Force or to become a police officer. She did both because she wanted to do more than the usual, she wanted to help her community.

Officer Coyne inspires me to achieve my goals the way she did. She is a strong and independent wom- an and that’s how I feel.

Artist: JoJo Carrillo

Model: Seanad Coyne

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