The Only Girl

My model is Boston Police officer, Seanad Coyne. She went to an all-girl’s high school and when she told her friends she was thinking about joining the Air Force they said she was insane to make that decision. However, after graduation she joined the Air Force and trained as a nurse.

Officer Coyne is the only woman in her family to join the Air Force or to become a police officer. She did both because she wanted to do more than the usual, she wanted to help her community.

Officer Coyne inspires me to achieve my goals the way she did. She is a strong and independent wom- an and that’s how I feel.

Artist: JoJo Carrillo

Model: Seanad Coyne


Born to Shine

I chose to paint a police officer because they represent a hero capturing villains and putting them in jail. This painting shows an officer in a park, watching like a hawk, doing his job, making us safer. My model, Office Grubbs is very humble, peaceful and laid back. That’s why I painted him in a park with nature around him.

We are all humans, we are all born to shine, born to protect each other, love each other, we have a purpose. We have unique talents and different personalities along with different body features. Each one of us is unique.

Artist: Paola Almonte

Model: Kenny Grubbs

Work in Progress

Everything we do is indeed a work in progress.

Nothing is ever really done, it’s only abandoned…but one of the steps you must take as an artist is knowing when to abandon a piece of work.
My model, Chantette, was very generous with her time, coming in to pose for me whenever she could. With this particular piece of work I’ve done a lot of steps but I don’t think my piece does her justice.

I’ve never really been much of a painter. I am more of an illustrator, using graphite and pen and paper. I haven’t painted since two summers ago. Now with this piece I had to decide to abandon this work in progress.

Artist: Isaiah Thistle

Model: Chantette Stallworthy

Believe You Can Accomplish

I feel great about participating in this program. I met a lot of interesting people, a couple of police officers, an EMT, a fighter fighter and a US Marine Corps veteran. I also met the Dudley Square muralist who taught me to mix colors to get skin tones.

My model is Colton, an EMT. We talked about how to stay fit and eat well. He taught me to ignore mass marketing of foods that aren’t good for my body.

Leslie is a great teacher, she told me to believe I can accomplish. I learned a lot about myself, that I can accomplish new things, things I felt I couldn’t do. I never thought I could paint but I did. I want people to look at my painting and think, Wow, he did that.

Artist: Wilkinson Fortilus

Model: Colton Morton

A Person, Not a Color

My model is a veteran of the US Marine Corps and she was one of the only women on the base where she served. She told us that as a woman Marine she had to prove that she was as capable as the male Marines. She told us a story about Marines running up a mountain and one by one the other women and many of the men dropped out but she kept running. Just before the top she dropped out too because it was so hard. Although she didn’t go all the way she was praised for running as long as she did. She felt pride in her accomplishment. I am also proud of my accomplishment, my painting.

My painting is showing a person who faces struggles like every human. In my point of view we are not white, black, Hispanic or other, we are just humans that live, suffer, struggle, laugh and cry sometimes. All of us do these sometimes, that just means that life makes us equal and it is as equals that we must treat each other.

Artist: Gaetan S. Charles

Model: Gwen Healey

A Smart Choice

The man in this portrait is an alert and wise Boston police of- ficer. Sitting on a wall watching for criminal activity. His name is Jerry Smart, and he has been serving as an officer of the Boston Police Department for over 30 years.

This is my first ever painting. I feel proud of myself for com- pleting it in time. I didn’t think It would turn out as well as it did. That makes me feel more confident. I think this expe- rience will even help me in auto-body class when we paint cars. I feel good that I participate in this program and I’m glad I met so many first responders.

I want you to look at my painting and think of all the Boston police officers who are dedicated to protecting and serving the people who live in this city. I painted this portrait to envi- sion the posture of an alert and attentive police officer con- cerned for the safety of the citizens he is sworn to protect.

Artist: Malik Bullock

Model: Jerome Smart

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