A Smart Choice

The man in this portrait is an alert and wise Boston police of- ficer. Sitting on a wall watching for criminal activity. His name is Jerry Smart, and he has been serving as an officer of the Boston Police Department for over 30 years.

This is my first ever painting. I feel proud of myself for com- pleting it in time. I didn’t think It would turn out as well as it did. That makes me feel more confident. I think this expe- rience will even help me in auto-body class when we paint cars. I feel good that I participate in this program and I’m glad I met so many first responders.

I want you to look at my painting and think of all the Boston police officers who are dedicated to protecting and serving the people who live in this city. I painted this portrait to envi- sion the posture of an alert and attentive police officer con- cerned for the safety of the citizens he is sworn to protect.

Artist: Malik Bullock

Model: Jerome Smart


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